august adventure 9: PA

Dance of a Nomad: Day 15, Chambersburg, PA So I've made it to Pennsylvania!

Yesterday I flew into Virginia and spent the day with my friend, Katie Martin, whom I went with to Haiti. I enjoyed her quick tour of the area and meeting her absolutely adorable son. I think it's so valuable to get to know people in their "habitat", and although Virginia isn't exactly DC, I felt I could see a part of Katie I wouldn't have experienced if we were in Haiti.

I sat in the airport for a bit and before I knew it, Erin came to pick me up! We stopped in Maryland for some wings and shopping at Ross, then arrived here.

I never would have thought I'd make it to Pennsylvania. I had dated my ex-boyfriend for almost three years and never though I'd see his home state. I've finally made it here without him, and I'm happy that I can experience PA with Erin instead. Life is so mysterious sometimes. I love these curve-balls life throws me.