A nice endorphin reminder...

Exercise as much as you can, even in 10-minute blocks.

The endorphins you release can also release creativity. You will feel better about yourself, your mind can clear away the cobwebs, and your heart will thank you. So will your family.

Time is fleeting, and it's hard to juggle everything that I need to juggle in one day while still maintaining a great photography business and spending quality time with my family. This is why it is so essential that photography, for me, is about sending out good feelings and having them come back to you.

If you exude good feelings about your family and your business, those good feelings will come back in one form or another.

- an excerpt from an interview with Cathy Empey, boudoir photographer, on Get Totally Rad blog.

I need to exercise... because the only exercise I have is traveling and walking and avoiding driving these.....