Scatter-brained perfectly describes my state of mind as of late. With that said,  I will share the random thoughts and things to do that clutter my mind. - To be an expert photographer, you must be a humble photographer. - I welcome constructive criticism, but only from people with valid credentials. - This coffee shop is a hotbed for hipster men and male entrepreneurs. - The curly-haired blond man who works at this coffee shop knows I don't drink coffee. Most of my friends don't know that. - P.s. he's wearing a t-shirt with a huge multi-neon-colored tiger. Super fierce. - I've gone outside for the past four days and loved it. - Reading outside is my fave. - I know every single bartender at Lark Creek Steak house because I often eat alone at the bar and get bored. - My brother may be quirkier than me. - I don't like it when people use "you and I" incorrectly. I'd rather them use "you and me" incorrectly. - I want to go to Vancouver. - I want a massage, but I left my giftcard and student ID at home. - Being in SOMA makes me feel like a young professional. - I dress up to go to "work".... because it's professional, but also because I have no where else to wear these clothes. - I don't really like chocolate, cake or cookies. I like vegetables more. (However, I have a weakness for red velvet anything) - I know I'm going to get my period when I like chocolate. That's when I know my body is going crazy. (see above) - I eat a lot of candy. I brush my teeth several times a day. I only floss and mouth wash once a day - When I see white chocolate or madelines I have an overwhelming urge to buy one. - I love REI. - I spend more money on books than clothes or entertainment. - I leave books everywhere. I start a new book every couple of weeks. - I almost always have my ipod, a camera and a book with me. - People who look like they're from a different era make me happy. Except the 80s... those people make me sad. - I like holding hands with babies and boys and my mom. Everyone else is forbidden. - I have really bad hearing, but my ears are sensitive to loud noises, shrieks or people. - Sometimes I sleep on my back with my hands on my head... or on my side with my hands clasped. - I like sharing random facts with people. - I like to eat skittles methodically. I eat the green and yellows first. Then I eat the orange, red and purple until each color has the same amount. Then I eat one from each color until I'm done. - When I have work to do, I reward myself with candy after each task or section is done.


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