august adventure 25: Finally in PA

Dance of a Nomad: Day 15-18, Chambersburg and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Even though I've been born and raised in California and love the weather, I'm aching to move.  I travel so much partly because I crave to move to another state, but until I can do that, I'll just visit.  I'd love to live out in the middle of nowhere in the forest.  My neighbors wouldn't be in walking distance, but I would know them personally.  I'd go to the local grocery store and know the names of the workers.  They'd be the ones asking me where my local travels had been.  I want to live where I am completely surrounded by red, orange and yellow leaves every fall.  That's my dream.

I thought Pennsylvania could be like that, but this part of PA that I visited wasn't like that at all...

After years of planning on visiting Pennsylvania and never going, it felt kind of surreal to finally be there.  The PA I'd always imagined was small, rural and covered in deciduous trees.  Chambersburg and Harrisburg weren't like that at all, so I'm still left a bit curious what western Pennsylvania looks like, but I loved the quiet town of Chambersburg.  I spent some lovely days enjoying the Chambersburg with Erin, who I met on the "Raddest Photo Trip Ever" with Bobby Earle.  We spent the weekend in Harrisburg where we visited the Troeg's Brewery and went to the drive-in.  Loved it!