Vacancy in Vegas

(I really like alliteration) As many of you know, since I was laid off in July of 2008, I've been keeping myself busy building my photography business.  When people ask me what I do, I tell them my business is a three tiered photography studio (thus Megan Tsang Studio.. not photography or photographer or anything else).  I do a combination of things... 1 I shoot weddings and portraits;  2 I provide services for other photographers including second shooting, editing and occasionally wedding album design; 3 I sell my photographs from my travels.  Anyways, working for myself makes my schedule both very flexible and very busy.  I work at least 80 hours every week trying to build my business, working/editing and finding new work.  The more work I do, the better I can survive on with this job.

Back when I was an architect and had a nine to five job, I swore that I would travel if I was laid off, so surprise, surprise, that's what I did.  I've been traveling ever since I was laid off.  As you can infer I've been trying to balance travel, work and my personal life.  Every time I travel domestically, I work.  Either I try to do photoshoots on the road or I'm editing.  This past weekend in Vegas was the first time in a very, very, very long time since I've traveled domestically and have not checked my email or done any work.

And I loved it.  I had fun. I enjoyed myself.

Now that I'm back, though I'm bogged down with work (I love what I do, though), I am still adjusted to my vacation mindset and Vegas time.  (Not PST, but "vegas time"... staying up until 5am, waking up at noon)  There is a vacancy in Vegas that I left when I returned home.  I wish I was back in Vegas.  I miss my friends and that awesome hotel room that we had.