Meg smiles.

Again inspired by Richelle, here are the things that make me smile.

1. Autumn on the east coast.  There are few things more beautiful to me than waking up on a crisp morning surrounded by red, orange and yellow leafed trees.  My goal in life is to someday live somewhere for a year with the four seasons.  Snow in the winter.  Red, orange and yellow leaves in the autumn.  New growth and flowers in the spring (hopefully no hay ever either).  And the warmth of the summer's sun.

2. Love stories.  My favorite part of weddings is talking to the groom and hearing how he and his wife-to-be have met.  Something is so much sweeter hearing it from a man's point of view.

3. Rain.  Running around in the rain.  Falling asleep to the rain.  Drinking hot cider and reading a book outside on a covered porch while it rains.

4. Twin sized beds.  So my legs can hang off both sides while I sleep.

5. Thanksgiving.  What's there not to like about Thanksgiving?  Come on now!

6. Anticipation of things to come.

7.  Walking.  I love to wonder and meet strangers.  Walking around without any destination but purely enjoying the experience.

8. Poetic emails.

9. Puppies that climb in to bed and warm my legs while I sleep

10. Long conversations with friends in a coffee shop.