Finding myself amidst change

For as long as I can remember, I've never taken change well. Whether good or bad, I somehow feel jolted. It takes time and introspective thinking to get my bearings. I found myself waking up this morning, disoriented, feeling my dream while I slept was actually reality. This type of disillusion of reality is not uncommon for me. But somehow the unsettling feelings from the dream stuck with me as I went about my morning.

I have difficulty finding myself as my life around me evolves. The other day I read that fear and faith cannot coexist, that they compete, and I realized fear overtakes my life at times. Somehow God calls out to me in small, subtle ways, calming my nerves and comforting my worries. Ever since I've been trying to understand how to be true to myself and my faith in God yet evolve as my life changes.

How do you cope with change?