I found myself in a coffee shop I often frequent. Almost every time I work there, I sit in the same general spot, rotating between two or three tables (depending on availability). For the first time in all my many times there, I sat on the couch, setting my tasty meal on the San Francisco shaped coffee table. Had I known that couch was so comfortable, I might have tried it out earlier. But I am a creature of nature. I walk on the same sides of the street when I walk. I order the same things at restaurants. (I think I've been consistenly ordering kimchi jigae at Korean restaurants for the past three years, before that I only ordered dulsot bibimbap) Dude, I need to mix it up!

So when I look at this picture of my niece, who is always curious and learning and excited about new things, I'm refreshed in my own perspective. She went crazy about stencils... yes, stencils! She thought it was so awesome that you could make pictures with stencils. I'd love to get excited about small revelations like that. To face the world with new eyes, experiencing it with the excitement and wonder she does. She's such a cutee. And I know everyone thinks their kid is smart, but my niece really is smart.

(My nephew reminds me to be curious about the world, too!)