As the clamor of saturday fades, I sit here gathering my thoughts.

The anxiety over the past weeks collected last weekend, and I've seen happier weeks than this last.  I woke up day after day from nightmares I could not even escape in my naps.  This ache in my soul could only be alleviated by one dreaded act.  Suddenly in a moment it left, but I longed for all the good, the cherished and the dear that I had to let go of with it.  I started each day after in tearful prayer, hoping, because I conquered the day before, I could again conquer the day ahead.  And I did; each day God giving me a crutch, in the form of a friend, to hold me up when I knew I could not stand alone.  And it will continue, as I was blessed tonight with the encouragement of two best friends, and tomorrow with the comfort of a steady friend and an escape from the traps of my wandering mind.

Thank you to the God of my life who always knows the needs of my heart, readily supplying me with all the tools necessary to heal my ailing heart.