Perfect Pairing

On a friday night met up with some girlfriends at great happy hour spot, 123 Burger Shot Beer.  The food and beer was tasting, but it was so loud so we ended up at On the Rocks, a whiskey bar on 10th avenue between 48th and 49th street.  It was a real low key environment, better for catching up and talking.  Karen got a manhattan, a put-hair-on-your-knuckles kind of drink.  Later my friend met us there, hung out a bit, then he and I headed to Caroline's to listen to Greg Fitzsimmons.  Sitting right next to us was a large, rather burly man... drinking a manhattan.  I had a little chuckle, thinking of the stark contrast between the man and my friend Karen.  She's awesome.  The night was awesome.  It was a perfect pairing of whiskey + comedy and girlfriends + man friend.