The some truths about my life.

Random facts about my life, that people overlook when they "envy" my life. - I have weird sleeping habits. Wake up 11am, work, nap in the afternoon, work, go to bed at 5am. and repeat. - I work about 60 hours a week.. definitely more than when I had a conventional job - I can't ever remember what day of the week it is, let alone the date or holidays. - I am always looking for a stapler. - My email taunts me. - I can't be at home and not work... I feel guilty otherwise. - I don't get sick days or personal days or vacation days. I work everyday. If there's a deadline I have to work; if there's no deadline I still have work. - My life is not "glamourous"; it's just different than yours. Although I'd rather travel than have a steady income and health insurance. - Every time I have to pay for dinner, I calculate how much work I need to do to pay for it. - I always feel unemployed because I'm constantly looking for work (clients). - I have anxiety about my computer or camera breaking. - My schedule doesn't align with most people, so I have a difficult time spending time with friends/family. - I bring work with me wherever I travel to. - I had to book a portrait session just to pay for my contacts. They were expensive. - Asking me to shoot your wedding for free is asking me to give you a $2000+ present. I hope we're best friends if you're asking me. - It hurts my feelings when friends pay other photographers for pictures and want similar pictures from me for free. - Most people don't know photography has been my only income since 2009. - Working alone is very difficult. You're on your own. I miss water-cooler chatter. - I made a dent in my bed from sitting on my butt on my computer. - I do not look pretty when I'm working at home. I'm usually in leggings/shorts and a sweatshirt. - I have carpal tunnel syndrome. - I mess up my makeup up anytime I use my camera - My camera + lens is so heavy! My fingers are sad after a day of shooting. I'm a weakling. - My friend's year-end bonus was more than double my yearly income.

I do love my life though. There's a duality of good and bad to all things. I"m sure everyone experiences that. Such as hating your phone when it's not working but loving it when you talk to a dear friend. I'm constantly reminded of how grateful I should be for where God's brought me and what he's given me. So to everyone who's ever told me they envy my life, thanks for reminding me to appreciate the things I have. I hope in reading this post, that you can appreciate the things you have.

My life, I love... - making my own hours - the freedom/flexibility to travel - photo shoots and weddings - editing - meeting random people - the photography community - being productive - wearing contacts - directly experiencing the results of all my hard work - my camera