Hobbyist or Professional?

What separates a hobbyist and a professional?  With the growing accessibility of DSLRs, photoshop actions, lightroom and other gear, everyone and their mothers seems to think they're a professional photographer.  I am part of the new trend of hobbyist turned professional photographer.  And I've had some realizations. Like many hobbyists, I captured pretty pictures of inanimate objects and fairly good candid pictures of people.  However, professional wedding and portrait photography is a huge step (that I'm still taking) from hobbyist.  When I see other photographers who have also recently "transitioned", I often see common weaknesses in their (and even my) photos.... angles and posing.  Posing others is super difficult and so is getting the right angle.  When I look at some of their and my pictures I think, "Oh man, that's a horrible angle!" or "Why in the world was that person posed that way???"

Photography is such an art, and I admire those who've mastered it.  It's important in any profession or skill to have bucketfuls of humility to constantly improve and learn, realizing the value of growth. I've noticed those amazing photographers are so humble, yet those other green (maybe bad) photographers are overconfident.  Not everyone who has a DSLR is capable of shooting a wedding.

And, because posts are better with pictures... I'm pregnant!!! (Just kidding)....I just posed myself to look pregnant.  I put on a horribly unflattering dress (picture on left) and decided to have some fun with it.  I shot these pregnant pictures and sent them to my girlfriends!  I had an extreme arch in my back so turning a little left or right made me look non-pregnant just slouchy, and I was trying to fake people into believing I was pregnant.  This angle made me look perfectly 6 months pregnant (left) and 5 months (right)!  So the next time you hire your friend, turned photographer, make sure he knows enough not to accidentally make you look pregnant!

P.s. I sent these pictures to my girlfriends to give them a good laugh.  I like funny things like joking I'm pregnant or making my friend believe I was divorced and my maiden name is collins. ha!