Inspirational Style.

Ever heard of Pinterest? Pinterest is the most amazing website I use.  It's innovative and creative and wonderfully organized.  The collector in me loves that I can "store" all my ideas and inspirations.  I've discovered that by "pinning" all my favorite things, I've been able to hone my design style, my personal fashion style, my photography and so on.  Ever since I first became addicted to Pinterest, when I see fashionable ladies on the street I think, "I'd like to pin their style to my inspirational style board."  I'm not stealthy enough to snag a picture.

But then there's Karen, whom I love visiting in New York.  Meeting up with her everyday is such an inner adventure...  I wonder to myself, "What will Karen wear today?  How will she spin seemingly simple pieces into cohesive why-didn't-I-think-of-that-outfit outfits?"

I <3 you Karen.

p.s. Angelique, I'd pin you to my inspirational style board, too!