Vancouver | biking

The last time I was in Vancouver, I noticed the hotel I stay at, The Pinnacle Hotel, offers free bike rentals.  I missed that opportunity on my first visit in March, but this time I was determined.  In the beginning of my trip I focused on work and doing some low key things.  Before I knew it I was at the end of my trip, so on my last full day in Vancouver after whale watching I set out for a little excursion to Deep Cove, a coastal city in North Vancouver (you can see it on the map below). When I mapped out my route, it seemed simple enough.  What I hadn't realized was how hilly it would be to bike along the water.  I assumed since it was a coast route the terrain would be very level.  The many hills and speedy cars made me unsure that I could make it back to the hotel.  When I reached the base of another hill, I decided to head back to the hotel.  (Besides, I only had two hours on the bike and I was nearly the first hour.)  I only ended up biking the 6.3 miles of the 7.8 miles to the city.  Below is the actual route I ended up biking.  A total of 13 miles of blissful biking.

I love biking.

Obviously I couldn't photograph much while I was biking, so I snapped a few pictures when I took water breaks or looked at the map.  I passed by a lot of trees and trains.  The coastal route was along the coast, but hidden away a bit from the water.  For the most part I had to ride with the cars.  I was very scared at some points.