It seems this is my first post for the month of August.  What can I say... I've been busy.  Between wedding season, conferences and traveling I've neglected this blog that I love so much.  Last year I spent most of the month of August galavanting around the U.S. shooting weddings and visiting friends.  This August was quite the opposite.  I felt like such an adult, spending a lot of time "doing business" and experiencing a lot of adult things.  Some tears shed and trials conquered, I'm confident that God is doing great things in my life and the in the lives of people I love. I spent a good amount of this past week at the hospital with a loved one where I thought a lot about where God has brought me and my family.  And came to the conclusion that the future is a scary thing.  It really is.  It's unknown and unpredictable and unreliable.  But in trusting in God, all those fears can be taken away.

Overall this year has been really difficult for me, but I've never been so happy.  Even in the midst of chaos, God continues to give me peace and hope for the future.