Look what I brought home from my saturday wedding...

I am terribly and horribly clumsy.  I trip over my own feet.  I miss my mouth when I'm eating.  I can't catch if my life depended on me.  I routinely bump into things...especially other people.  It's miracle that I played varsity sports or mediocrely played instruments.  I am clumsy.  It comes at no surprise that this is the second lens I've dropped in four years.  (The first was about five months ago, but it was only a $100 lens).  You can't tell from the picture, but this is my (prized) 45mm 2.8 tilt-shift lens which retails $1300.

I was switching lenses without my lens bag and put the 45mm under my arm as I always do, but it somehow slipped out.  Before I even realized it fell, I heard it hit the concrete and bounce into the street.  The first thing I thought was, "How ironic that my insurance guy just emailed me to take a picture of all my equipment.  Poop!"  I saw this happen to other photographers, so although I was initially very sad, I felt calm.  I rationalized that only the filter broke just like I had seen with other photographers.  The filter ring was badly dented so it was impossible to get it off until I had some tools; I considered all the ways to "fix" this when I returned home.  All I needed to do was take off the filter and prove my theory correct that the lens was still in tact.  When I returned home I tried a handful of things, and finally turning the lens upside-down and chipping away at the broken glass worked freely my unharmed lens.

The filter ring is still attached to the lens, but my baby is still alive and unscratched.  hurray.