New Orleans | Katrina

"Living with Hurricanes: Katrina and Beyond", an exhibit featured at the Louisiana State Museum at Jackson Square, gave me an insight into the occurrence of hurricanes and the details of what happened during Hurricane Katrina.  I walked through a history of hurricanes and some interactive exhibits explained the science behind the importance of wetlands and building for hurricanes.  I really enjoyed the images and stories presented throughout the exhibit.

"Combining eyewitness accounts, historical context, immersive environments and in-depth scientific exploration, "Katrina and Beyond" enables visitors to understand the 2005 storms, Katrina and Rita, and their impact on Louisiana, the Gulf Coast and the nation. It is a story of how a culture – the rich, varied world of New Orleans and coastal Louisiana – has learned to live with the fragility of its environment and how the storms of 2005 gave rise to a new vision for the region."  -New Orleans Online

It amazes me how wind and water could have so much force and create so much destruction.  Even as I watched footage of the hurricane, I could not begin to imagine experiencing such destruction.  I would definitely recommend this exhibit to those visiting New Orleans.

Taken with my Canon SD4100