Hello, My name is...

Hello, My name is Meg.  And I am forgetful, and it bothers me.
It's not too uncommon for me to not know what day it is or to go into a room and forget why I did.  I constantly put things away in places "I know I'll remember" and usually never see it after that because I forget where that special place was.  I forget birthdays constantly.  I forget even how old I am.v
While spending time with my friend, Amy, in Louisiana, I started to think about what I needed to do the few days I'd be in the Bay Area between trips to Louisiana and Dubai.  I always knew I flew out October 1, but for some reason I thought October 1 was Sunday, and therefore I had three full days of rest and preparation for Dubai.  Boy was I wrong! I only had two days.  October 1st is Saturday.  Nuts!
So here I am cramming as much as I can in these two days.  On my to-do list:
- do laundry
- refill toiletries
- mail out outstanding client packages
- edit wedding 1
- edit wedding 2
- edit wedding 3
- pick up a skirt
- visit Katy & little Lucas
- buy candy for the plane
- pick up an airplane adapter
- find my long-sleeved shirt
- edit an engagement session
- hem my dress.
- pick up some perfume.
- remember to pack spare contacts.