I'm happy.

My first day in Dubai my computer died.  After some tricks by my computer-savvy host, he concluded my computer was having software problems.  We researched some stores but none had the capabilities to safely fix my computer so I scheduled a meetup with the smart people at the apple store in California.  Immediately after I landed in California, I eagerly took my computer to the Apple store. After a lot of alarming "hmmmm's" by the Genius, he concluded that my hard drive had died. (along with my heart) He assured me that he could replace my hard drive, and I could pick it up in the morning.  Thankfully, I've backed up my data on several drives, so I didn't worry too much about lost data.  However, I was still empty-handed.

When I returned the following day (today), I discovered they hadn't even started working on my computer.  They told me to return in a half hour, which I did, only to discover it still was not ready.  I stood at the Genius Bar waiting for my computer, with my attention occupied by conversations with the people around me.  Finally I saw my baby.  They asked me to sign a waiver to verify the computer worked, but I refused until I could turn my computer on and use it.  After a few minutes it froze, and I, alarmed, search for some help.  Zack, my Genius man, talked me through some things, and we realized that there was a miscommunication in when and how my computer would be fixed.  He reassured me that my computer was ok and if not I was under warranty.  Then he said those magic words.

"I'll waive your bill."

woot!  They fixed my computer for free.  I saved $140ish. Hurray.  So now I am very happy.  It really pays to be kind to service people.  I'm sure if I put up a stink we wouldn't have gotten anywhere.


I'll be posting tons of Dubai. be prepared. I'm hyped!