Dubai | Ghost Town

Day 6 So it's taken me a bit of time to catch up on my Dubai trip, but I'm determined to finish detailing my trip for memory's sake.

With Dave in Abu Dhabi, Geoff and I ventured out into Dubai proper for some exploring. After a taxi ride to the travel agent to book a tour, we walked towards the nearby metro station. In my opinion I think it's rather odd to have a metro in Dubai. The city in general is not the most conducive to pedestrians, so I'm curious what locals do on their approach to and departure from the metro. As Geoff and i walked from the travel agency to the metro (probably about one city block away), I couldn't figure out where to walk. Most of the sidewalk was missing and in its place rubble and untrodden dirt "paths". I carefully traced Geoff's step, considering in the back of my mind that I did not want to sprain an ankle on vacation. Along the way I stopped Geoff for the occasional touristy picture of the skyline, in a way trying to capture the contrast between luxury and bankruptcy in Dubai's architecture, the over-the-top next to the abandoned.

Upon entering the station I found a good amount of commuters, which was also strange to me because I wondered where they came from since I didn't see any other pedestrians or sidewalks or even any parking lots. By and by my experience of the metro was rather nice. The stations were beautiful and the train was efficient….. and air conditioned. I was a happy camper. :)

check in tomorrow for the rest!