feet first + blogshop | the goat farm atlanta.

I regularly read the Designlovefest blog by Bri Emery.  I love all her graphics and thoughts and creative design.  So when I found out she and Angela Kohler of Angela and Ithyle were putting on a workshop, Blogshop, to integrate photography and design into a blog, I knew I wanted to attend.  After some correspondences with Angela and Max Wanger's wife, Margaux, I decided that the mega Blogshop with Feet First (Our Labor of Love and Max Wanger) was a good fit for me.  Hurray! So I'm here in Atlanta, thoroughly enriched after a day with Jesse & Whitney Chamberlin and Max and Margaux Wanger.  I'll share some more about the actual workshop another time.... but how lovely is this venue where the workshop's put on.  (It's a goat farm!  Tomorrow I'll try to pet one.)  Enjoy the motherload of pictures. :)