feet first + blogshop | the possibilities are endless.

So I'm sitting here now, still at my workshop, still learning.... still editing.  It seems I can never escape editing, and I rather like that.It's somewhat  easy to learn basic photoshop, I think, but so difficult to be good be at it.  I've been so fortunate to attend this workshop and learn some really great, practical stuff.  The Blogshop aspect of the workshop involved a (well-needed) overload of photoshop tips and techniques.  It's kind of exciting to discover these new surprises.  I couldn't even begin to recall what I've learned, but it's a lot. :)  And so I did a bit of experimenting with some pictures.  Not sure if I'd use these new-found skills like the ones below, but I love them nonetheless.
Been loving Feet First + Blogshop. <3