12 x 12 | Knit more scarves.


I decided to knit scarves before the end of 2011 because of a little hobby-turned-shop I started last year.  I love knitting.  It's entertaining and soothing and tons of fun.  The only problem was... in the past I knitted more scarves than I knew what to do with.  When a friend gave me a reason to knit (knitting her two scarves) I enthusiastically started my own little knitting sweatshop.  I finished her two scarves quickly but was disappointed I no one to knit for.  Then I had a brilliant idea.  I could continue knitting and sell the scarves I made.  So my shop Windsong Knits came to.  I finished the bulk of my scarves at the end of winter, so I waited until this winter to release the scarves.  Here's the first scarf I made last year for the shop.

And here are the three scarves I made for this 12x12 to do list. :)

My list 1. Read 5 books 2. Sort/donate my clothes 3. Rebrand all my websites and marketing materials 4. Send out packages to friends 5. Have zero emails in my inbox 6. Make a new friend 11/17/11 7. Knit more scarves 12/15/11 8. Teach someone something 11/6/11 9. Sacrifice something for someone 10. Reconnect with my old roommates 11. Write a letter 12. Go to Fort Point