12 x 12 | Have zero emails in my inbox.


I did it! And I can't believe I did.  Since the 28th I've successfully kept my inbox empty.  Before I emptied my inbox it was filled with emails I put off replying to or messages I needed to file or put into action.  I'm happy I finished this task before the end of the year.



My list  
1. Read 5 books 
2. Sort/donate my clothes 
3. Rebrand all my websites and marketing materials 
4. Send out packages to friends 
5. Have zero emails in my inbox 12/28/11 
6. Make a new friend 11/17/11 
7. Knit more scarves 12/15/11 
8. Teach someone something 11/6/11 
9. Sacrifice something for someone 
10. Reconnect with my old roommates 
11. Write a letter 12. Go to Fort Point