Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


At the end of my final year in college I decided to grow out my hair. It had been short (short enough not to be able to tuck behind my hair) for 6 months, and at the prompting of my boyfriend's request, I grew out my hair.  And I continued to grow it out for the next four years.  I go through phases.  I'll grow out all my hair then literally cut it all off.  I think I first did it in 6th grade.  I did it twice in college, first in 2002 then again in 2007.  I always donate my hair to Locks of Love, an organization that uses donated hair to make wigs for cancer patients.  Although it's a really great cause, for my most recent hair-cutting I decided to sell instead.  I figured I had donated enough hair.  (I donated at least 20 inches of hair every time.)  Besides, I found a buyer who'd purchase my hair for $1500.  I was set to sell my hair until I found out my mom had cancer.

After she cut off all of her long hair, there was no question that I, too, would donate.  It was hard.  I became attached to my hair.  I liked and didn't like the attention.  I liked I was noticed for my hair, but I didn't like the guys who'd hit on me or want to touch it.  It was weird.  I knew for a couple months that I wanted a pixie haircut, but I didn't have the courage to take the plunge and cut off all my hair.  I had two stipulations: 1. I would have pictures taken of me before I cut it all off and 2. I'd attend my last wedding as a guest for the year.  Both passed and I still didn't have the courage to do it.  I was in New York and with the support of two friends and the great recommendation from a friend of her hairstylist in New York, I did it.

I cut off 32 inches of hair!

It was shocking and it took a while to get used to.  The hairdresser didn't exactly give me a pixie cut, but I love my hair short.  Above is the before and after.  The picture on the right is about two months before I cut my hair.  As you can see, my hair was quite long.  And as you can imagine it was a real pain in the butt to take care of all that hair.  All in all I'm happy to have short hair.  It was time for a change. :)

I suppose.... change is good!

(Ironically, I later realized that I cut all my hair off in 2007 also in New York.)

Image above right by Kimberly Chan