Coyote Hills Regional Park | One on One | Kara

P31 Ladies

The first time I met Kara I was intimidated.  Of course I was.  She's a go-getter with a vibrant personality.   Friendly people are scary...obviously.  We had never met, and contrary to popular belief, I'm scared of strangers. Not to mention Kara and the two other ladies with us (Kim and Jenny) were all talented photographers.  Double scary barry.

I was, however, quite excited to get some shooting in.  The four of us had met up to photograph each other at Coyote Hills.  We spent the day getting to know each other, exploring and soaking in the beautiful landscape.  Needless to say, I'm not scared of Kara or the other ladies anymore. In fact I'd say we were all friends after the first ten minutes of meeting.