Happy Valentine's Day!

For some of my most supportive clients, I wanted to make a somewhat meaningful Valentine's gift to show my appreciate to them.  I wanted something that could be sweet and useful, so I thought of an embroidered heart magnet!  I bought two colors of fabric (gray and mustard) in my branding color scheme (gray, chartreuse, pink and mustard) and went to work.  All I did was cut out hearts and embroider the yellow side with the couple's initials (or hello for my unmarried clients).  I sewed the magnet into the inside of the gray fabric, sewed the yellow and gray fabrics together and stuffed it.  :)  Then I was done! To finish it off, I made thank you / Valetine's.  I designed the green card in Illustrator with stripes that appear on my DVDs to clients.  And for the heart I wanted something cute so I put the quote, " The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."  For both the green card and pink heart I used my printed to print each individually.  I designed and printed the label for the envelope and the "thank you" sticker on the gift box on adhesive paper.  The gift box came with some fluffy stuff, which I thought was ugly, so I folded and cut little accordions to cushion the magnet instead.  And that was it! YAY.  This was such a fun project.

(And I just wanted to note that it was cheaper to make this whole project than it was to mail it!)