be still

The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still.  Exodus 14:14


In this passage from the Bible the children of Israel are running from the Egyptians and fearing for their life.  Moses speaks these words in Exodus 14:14 to them.  Sometimes God's ways are really just that simple.  In this case all the Israelites had to do was be still and wait to see the marvels God would perform.  Sometimes in my every day stresses I can make myself feel like I've reached the demise of my life... typical over-dramatics of someone who is lacking in faith.  I have to purposely remind myself at those times to trust God in his plans and promises for my life.  My relationship with Him really can be that simple.  Stop and wait and I will see God conquering those every day, minuscule stresses.    When the Israelites finally calmed down and trusted God, they witnessed one the most well-known acts of God--the parting of the Red Sea.  Now, surely if God parts the Red Sea, he can heal a broken heart or relieve the pressures of work or any other trial we seem to face.

Even for one who does not believe in God or the Bible, I believe this lesson is very applicable. Sometimes just getting caught up in stress or drama amplifies the situation.  Think how lovely it would be if everyone took a moment to be still before the flipped out or broke down in frustration or cut someone off or amidst a crisis.  Be still.

That's a lesson to remember.  Be still and you'll witness a miracle.  

(image above is from the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona)