Attack of the Budgets.

April 4 facebook status..

Whenever a bride tells me she's on a budget I'm happy to find pricing that can best fit her needs and budget, but there are those rare times when I secretly want to say... "My life is also on a budget, and I need enough money to eat."

Surprisingly I received an overwhelming response to this status--mostly by other photographers.  Now before I say anything else, like I said in my status, I wanted to preface this post with... I know people are on a budget and I completely understand that they want me to lower my prices.  I am by no means offended when a client asks for a discount, and for the most part, I can usually accommodate them to a degree.  

However, every bride and client needs to realize that every time they ask a photographer to lower his/her prices that they are essentially taking away money that particular photographer needs to maintain their business, pay their bills and survive.  I'm also curious why people negotiate prices with photographers but not with their accountant or dentist or mechanic. It seems clients expect price negotiations with a photographer nowadays.

By writing this post I do not wish clients to feel guilty for asking a discount or to be offended, but rather, for them to see the value of their photographers.  Especially me! :)

For the pricing I give clients, they get ME, a photographer who - photographed over 20 weddings - has been in business for about 4 years - regularly takes business/photography classes - constantly reads to improve my skills - knows how to run/manage portrait sessions and weddings - knows how to use my camera - owns professional gear - belongs to professional photography associations - dedicates 60-80 hours a week to photography - and on average dedicates 13 hours to each portrait client and 62 hours to each wedding client. - is very funny. :)

Now who wants to pay me lots of money! :)  I think it's very important for people to understand the work invested when hiring a professional photographer.  Not only are you choosing someone with experience but you're also choosing someone with the resources to provide you an excellent service.

When choosing a photographer... ask questions!  Ask them what you're getting for your money.  Get to know your photographer.

And, last but not least... hire me. :)