When I fell in love...

I always love asking couples about their love story, so here's my love story... For as long as I can remember I pursued creative outlets.  My mother always encouraged me to do crafts and color and draw.  When I reached high school my family encouraged me to do to graphic design, and when I finally reached college I majored in architecture.  All the while I had a camera in hand.  I was always taking a pictures of everything.  I remember my first film slr;  I took about fifteen pictures of one bouquet of roses.  It was hilarious.

When I was in architecture school I really loved the design and problem-solving aspects of it.  Working at my internships solidified my interest in architecture as a career.  So I was super stoked for my first full-time architecture job at a great company.  I worked on a lot of projects.  I loved it.... for a while.  I was new to the workforce and very naive.  My bosses and I weren't a good fit.  And slowly I began to wonder how long I could work at my company.  Even though I had interest in architecture still, I felt like I was drowning.

Although I felt crushed, my layoff was a relief.  And a blessing in disguise.  It brought me back to photography.

I love it.  I fall in love with it again every day.  I look back on my life and wonder why it took me so long to make it my career.  I'm always amused by my timing versus God's timing.  I remember in high school wanting to be the photographer for yearbook (rejected) or joining the photography class (also rejected).  I suppose God wanted me to get some other things done before I dove into a full life of photography. There is just something amazing about sharing my perspective with other people.

I've been in the world of photography for almost four years now, and I love it.  I can't imagine doing anything else.  In fact I don't want to do anything else.  I love the idea of speaking to people through pictures.  And I'm always honored and overjoyed that people invite me to photograph those momentous or even overlooked parts of their life.  This year started off amazing.  I've been photographing past clients... their first baby, their second baby, their new starts.

Today I'm amazed that God's brought me to this point in my life and gave me this gift of photography.

I fall in love with photography every day.  And it makes me smile and warms my heart just thinking of it.

What do you hold close to your heart? What's your love story?