lessons learned.

  1. Quitting is not failing
  2. I have the power to make someone's day, so be deliberate in my kindness
  3. I have the power to ruin someone's day, so be kind
  4. Photography is a language
  5. If there's no concept, it shows
  6. Determination outweighs natural talent
  7. Reading is the key to the world
  8. I am an introvert, and that's okay
  9. There will always be haters
  10. Real friends will tell you the truth, even when it hurts
  11. Real friends support you even if they don't support your decisions
  12. I am nothing without family
  13. Music is the best way to lift my spirits or get work done
  14. I may never have the best equipment, so I can't let that hold me back
  15. Vision gives photograph life
  16. It's all in the eyes
  17. Exercise gives me energy
  18. After a breakup, give my heart a break and cut off communication
  19. Love happens over time.
  20. Live in abundance
  21. God is always faithful
  22. Prayer is powerful
  23. Cultivate relationships with older people
  24. Humility is necessary for learning and personal growth
  25. Be open
  26. Traveling makes me a better person
  27. Communication really is key
  28. I have plenty of time.  There's no rush
  29. Even though I'm a night person, I work best at 6am
  30. There's always room for improvement
  31. Personal projects and documenting my life improves my professional work
  32. My plans don't always align with God's plans
  33. God's plans are always better
  34. My parents actually do know best (most of the time)
  35. Never date a man who doesn't have close male friends
  36. You can't have good relationships without having a good one with yourself
  37. Until I loved myself I would never be capable of truly being in love
  38. Relationships are easy if they're healthy
  39. If the relationship is really hard, it's time to move on
  40. I don't have to be friends with everyone
  41. External hard drives should always be protected by something
  42. Always buy applecare for apple computers
  43. God fills in where I fall short
  44. Because He lives, all fear is gone
  45. There's a joy that comes from loving others
  46. Invest in quality lenses
  47. Listen
  48. My gut is always right
  49. Everyone has a story to be heard.
  50. I am enough