thankful thursday 10


I am thankful for... ...someone dialing the wrong number and calling me early this morning. I got so much work done before I even left my room! ...vinyl stickers. Does a girl every stop loving stickers? :) ...lightroom. I've finished editing two projects already! ...honesty from friends. I need that honesty so I know what I need to work on in my life. notebook. I need a place to store all my random thoughts and notes or else I'd go crazy. ...starbucks. Even though I don't drink coffee, I love their revamped, outlet friendly interiors ...watered-down juice. I love the sweetness of juice, but sometimes sweet is too sweet. I save so much money because of ...being at home. I'm really loving my comforters and the light in my room. I love northern light. mom. She's done with chemo! woot! ...America's Next Top Model. The best show to watch while I work! I never get sick of it.