Before & After | clean up.

I really love simple images.  Whenever I'm in the editing process I invest a lot of time in perfecting the image.  In the "before" image below, I couldn't avoid certain distracting elements.  So in the post-processing stage I spent some time making them disappear.


For those of you interested, this is how I edited the image - To give it a little more pop, I adjusted the curves to make the blacks black and the whites white. - Then I cropped in. - From there, I selected the picture and fixed the perspective under transform, as well as, warp to adjust the stripes. - I didn't like the blue stripe on the far right, so I copied one of the blue stripes from the left and straightened it. - To remove the reflections of me and the dad, I used the stamp tool at 37% opacity and the patch tool to make us and the reflection of the window disappear. -  I then used the stamp tool at 37% again to soften the wrinkles. (A trick I learned from Blogshop and Bri/angela!) - Then I was done!