Strawberries and experimenting

After leaving my trusty Samsung phone on BART, I joined the club and bought an iphone. Now that I have one I can finally play scramble with friends and experiment with the brand new VSCO camera. Hurray. I've enjoyed it so far.  The iphone 4gs has great quality pictures.  I'm quite impressed. Although I don't think I'll use the filters too much, I like the adjustments included in the VSCO camera.

With that said, I rode out to the end of the Pittsburg/BayPoint train to have a great time with Jenny and her kids.  While her two kids ran around and enjoyed the day, Jenny and I, sure enough, followed them around with our cameras.  I was so happy to finally wear my red shorts again and get a proper tan.  The little ones, with some help from Jenny and me, picked 8.5 lbs of deliciously red strawberries.  They did a great job!

After that we had a picnic lunch and were greeted by some very hungry ducks.  hurray!