Washington, DC | Lincoln Memorial

I recently traveled to Washington, DC to photograph a wedding, and on my one free day I made it out to the Lincoln Memorial for some historical appreciation.

When I was little I had a strange fascination with Abraham Lincoln. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was an early predictor of my affinity for beards on men. (But that's another story.)  Maybe it was because I also liked the era and was almost equally fascinated with the Civil War.  Even thinking of it now, I actually really like pennies, too; it was one of the many things I collected as a child.  (I was a young curator in the making.)  Anyway as I child I devoured biographies of Abraham Lincoln.  When my mother told me she was born in Mississippi I wishfully asked her if she lived in a log cabin like Abe did.  One of my favorite books growing up was "Sarah, Plain and Tall"; I liked it for many reasons but one was because it was about a girl named Sarah, just like Abe's two wives.

So even though I visited the Lincoln Memorial before, I wanted to visit my dear friend Abe again.  The monuments are one of my favorite things about DC.  Just their grandeur is amazing.  It was a warm, breezy day in April, and the quiet hum of people at the steps fizzled out as you enter the memorial.  The statue is magnificent and much larger than it appears on the penny. :)