Thoughts before I go to sleep.

I believe in God and his faithfulness. I believe it is important to have close girlfriends. I believe that travel changes me for the better. I believe dogs are better when they have stumpy legs. I believe in karma, the golden rule, whatever you may have it. I believe in my friends. I believe in a true and living God. I believe it's important to constantly reevaluated myself so that I can change for the better. I believe the secret to marriage is God. I believe that one day I'll be married with kids. I believe in lazy weekends and sunday afternoon naps. I believe books make you a better person. I believe I'll always find T-Rexes funny. I believe time heals all wounds. I believe in wearing white after labor day. I believe in long walks. I believe a friend who I can sit with for hours without talking is a mark of how great that friend is. I believe in holding hands. I believe smoothies taste best eaten with goldfish. I believe dancing is more fun when I dance like a fool. I believe in the kindness of strangers. I believe chivalry exists somewhere. I believe it's important to love life. I believe in living each day as if it were a gift. I believe everyone can be happy if they know God. I believe it's important to feel free. I believe it's important to do love what you do. I believe in forgiveness. I believe in building connections with people. I believe in investing in the people around me.

The format and concept of this post is from Richelle Jean and her wholehearted post.