high heels, country music and pajamas.

It's 2:30am, and I'm awake. Since I returned from Europe I'd been doing a pretty job at going to bed and waking up at reasonable times. But the very moment I told my friend about it, I stayed up until 2am that night. Nuts! And my sleep schedule has been wackadoodle every since. So I'm sitting here working on my computer in my pajamas, with the happy tunes of country music keeping me entertained while I edit. I wonder what if life was exactly like country music lyrics. That would mean that boys really are like buses.  I remember being in high school listening to country music (and ska) and keeping it a secret because it wasn't "cool" to listen to.  (I went to school with a bunch of Asians.  And my taste in music was not the only indication that I did not have much in common with my classmates.)  I remember dreaming about that guy in the songs who'd leave his girlfriend for me.  Or take me on some crazy romantic date. haha.   When I went on to university, I sealed the deal.  A handful of my classes were with cowboys.  I'm not kidding.  Like boys who wrangled cattle and won belt buckles.  (Did you know my college had the #1 cowboys in the west?  It's sounds crazy but I'm not making it up.  We had rodeos on campus and our boys competed against guys from other schools.  It was exciting.  I still have my cal poly rodeo shirt somewhere.)  So anyway....I love country music.

As for the high heels, I just bought a pair of high heels and am walking around the house trying to break them in.  And just for a hilarious visual... I'm wearing black high heels with basketball shorts and a hoodie.  Sexy, I know. :)

Good night all!