person: "What's new? me: "Not much. My life is boring." them: (a puzzled look) "Really?"

Ooops. January has flown by. (And these are the days of my life...haha) Since returning from Europe I spend most of my days working and scrapbooking (more on that another time). Being up at normal hours improved my productivity so I have a lot more time for myself. This year I want to work on cultivating my life outside of my work. I think it not only benefits me, but it also benefits my craft as a photographer. I started a few endeavors in January, and I can't wait to see how everything comes together as the months go by.

Above is the current contents of my purse. For the past couple of weeks these items found a home in my purse. The two books above are pretty good reads. I actually thought the books were about one thing and as I began to read I realized I was wrong, but pleasantly surprised. There's that saying "don't judge a book by its cover." Well I'm pretty awesome at picking good books based on their covers. I choose books about 85% based on their covers and titles. I like most of the books I choose and very few of the books other people suggest. (oops.) I'm currently reading four books. I had a goal to read a lot more this year. Last year I tried to read 52 books; I only made it to 25, but I'm really proud of even that. When I look at the stacks of books in my room, I realized I read most of them which is pretty good progress, I think! Oh but how I love to read! Anyone want to go to a coffee shop with me and read?

So... what else is in my purse, you ask? - I have to bring a baggu shopping bag with me wherever I go, because evidently now you have to pay for bags when you go shopping in the Bay Area. - I also have a baggu pouch for my earbuds and floss. Everybody needs floss. And evidently I really need floss. The doctor says my teeth are really, really close together even though my wisdom teeth are gone. - After India and using my friend, Amy's, instax, I bought one for myself. I really, really love it. I actually have two, and this is the one I'm selling, so I'm trying to use up the film. I used it everywhere in Europe. - I take my black notebook with me to write down all my notes from classes and church and books as well as keeping track of my ideas and inspiration. So of course I need pens and washi tape. :D - The red jar is of hair gel. With my hair still short, I need some styling to keep it out of my face. After more than a year of short hair (the longest I've ever had short hair and the shortest I've ever had it), I'm growing it out. For what and to what length, I'm not so sure. - Sunglasses and my phone are a must. Something that you should know about me is that I'm a shopping research queen. When I want to buy something like that iphone case, I look through a lot of sites and do a lot of research. That case from Society6 is one I pinned long before I even got an iPhone. I pinned that case and others on my pinterest board before making my purchase. On a similar note I recently purchased an 85mm 1.2 and a 50mm 1.2 lens for my camera. Since October I've been stalking prices online and reading through reviews. After all that research I found both for relatively cheap prices and saved myself a grand. (Yay. As you can tell, I'm pretty happy when I get a deal!) - woops. I also have a pink wallet that's not pictured.

I kind of love seeing what's inside people's purses/bags. I feel like it's so telling. It's an insight into their soul! (errr... maybe not.) But it's still interesting. So what's in your purse?