working on: I just finished photographing Vir & Jess and the birth of their little Karis.  I've known Vir since we were babies.  Her mom and my mom went to college together so Vir and I grew up together.  We used to visit our moms' college together.  And when it was time for us to go to college we ended up at the same university and were even roommates.  It is always such an honor to photograph such an important event in someone's life.  And for Vir and Jess this was even more important to me given how long I've know Vir.  I'm so happy for them and their new little one.  This was the shortest birth I've photographed to date.  And I was amazed with Vir's strength and composure.

thinking about: How amazing and fascinating and miraculous birth is. There are just no words.  This is absolutely my favorite thing to shoot.

reading: I'm reading about six books right now.  And if you were to see the titles of them all, I feel you'd have an insight into my personality.  One is a self-help book, another is about older people and travel, another about creativity, another is about trusting God and another is about having too many books to read.

listening to: 90s hip hop.  I recently downloaded some of my fave hip hop songs from my high school years.  I had forgotten about Ma$e all these years.

eating: a breakfast burrito. Because if I see breakfast burrito on a menu I'll usually buy it.  And a peach smoothie.  Actually, Vir is the one who introduced me to the sweet goodness of peach smoothies.

thankful for: everything.  I'm trying to remember that I always have something to be thankful for even if it's "bad"; there's always an upside.

planning for: the next two births I have to photograph over the upcoming month.  Hope they go as smoothly as this one!