rome | on the street

When in Rome...

Visiting touristy spots is definitely a must, especially in a city with so much history like Rome.  However, I was sure to do some wandering (and getting lost) in this gorgeous city.  Texture covers every building, each with its own personality, much like the locals.  On this European adventure, I felt more like an observer than a tourist.  Over the years I've grown to love the experiences of immersing myself into a culture as much as I can.  Walking through side streets is a great way to do that.  Take the road less taken, for sure.  Off the beaten path!  Although, for a short time Sam & I rode one of those hop-on-hop-off tour buses, which I highly recommend to get a quick history and overview of a city.  (And if your feet are tired.)

This segment of the trip was very relaxing.  My cousin and I tried every type of pasta we could find.  And we spent many dinners just lounging and enjoying the scenery.  Rome is not my favorite city, but I did discover that many of the locals I saw were quite handsome and far more good looking than Parisian men.