1142 road trip  

It's that time of year to do taxes.  And honestly I love doing my taxes.  (I also love paying my bills.)  It's all strangely soothing.  I suppose it appeals to my meticulous mathematical side.  When I was in school, my favorite subjects were english, math and art.  That must epitomize my life.  I am the photographer who loves to blog and do her taxes.

I thrive with perimeters, but I love to push boundaries.  Architecture is really great for that part of me.  There are a TON of laws concerning buildings and did you know that all that changes depending on what city, county and state you're in AND what kind of building you're designing?  Yes. I loved designing buildings under such rigid boundaries.  It was a challenge to push my creativity.

So now I'm doing my taxes and evaluating my spending and punching numbers and collecting and organizing.  Even if I don't get money back, I still love doing my taxes. hurray.

What are your thoughts about taxes?