the road.

1160 the road

"Never live on your memories of past experiences, but let the Word of God always be living and active in you."

It's so easy to take the path of life based on my own formula of where I want to go, what I want to see, what I want my life to be.  But usually God has different plans.  It all takes me by surprise, one moment my life is going in one direction and God takes me in another.  I pause for a bit.  I panic.  I try desperately to figure it all out.  But then I remember the truths I know of God.  He is always with me.  His plans are best.  I want the life He's planned for me.  My life is His life.  And then fear becomes comfort.

Oh how easy it is to go with the flow of life.  (I do it all the time!)  I'm grateful for those times when God jolts me and reminds me I'm going with the flow.  And He reminds me to be an adventurer.  To go blinding into the world and follow him.

As a wedding photographer I'm constantly surrounded by people in love.  That's what I love most about my job.  But somehow I've fooled myself into thinking that was enough love for me.  I have a wonderful life and everything I could want.  But I'm single.  I'm happy as I am, but dating is terrifying.  And somehow I've gotten into the pattern of avoiding dating and relationships because they were honestly too scary for me to deal with.  I took a long break from it, finding "contentment".  There wasn't any heartbreak or disappointment or rejection to have to deal with.  But that's not where God wants us.  He doesn't want us to be "safe".  He wants us constantly challenged and growing and craving to be better people.  So even though dating is something I've avoided for almost a year now... maybe it's God's message to me to break out of my hibernation, no matter how scary or painful it could be.

He knows its not an easy path that He's set out for me, but He's with me every step of the way.  Picking me up when I fall and carrying me when I am weak.  It's scary.  And even though I'm actually scared a lot of the time, God never changes and never fails me.

Go follow the road less traveled.  Be brave.  Conquer life.  Follow God and you'll find yourself.