“Each new friend gives rise to the possibility of anything!”― Stephen Richards

1170 new york

Sometimes when you're in search of love like I am, you find it in the most surprising places. I had the best day. And I'm disappointed it's over. I'm going through withdrawals. I didn't want today to end. I feel cheesy just writing that. haha. And who better to fill up my love quota than my girlfriends.  They encourage me.  They love me.  They point me to God.  They pray for me.  They put up with me.  :)  I'd say that a lot of the love I feel each day is a result of those friendships.  When I feel alone or down in the dumps, they lift me up.  Just to know I can count on them or that they're praying for me is enough to put a smile on my face.

A lot of times I wonder how people go through life without God.  Well I also wonder how girls go through life without girlfriends.  Girlfriends are essential to happiness.  holla.