rome | character

Oh how I miss Europe. Sitting here at my desk, and I love that I've been in California for more than a month. I love that I don't have to finish everything before a trip or catch up after a trip. I'm just here and content. I do miss the travel and the exploration of new places, but I'm loving exploring the Bay Area. I'm so happy to meet up with friends in between deadlines and meetings. I love that I've had time to read in the in betweens, when I'm waiting in line for the post office or taking the train or when I arrive early for a meeting. I love it. Traveling can't compare to being at home, but I love both all the same.

Most of my heart will always be in California (the other part is in New York, of course).


Rome, Italy. January 2013 | Canon 5d markii 45mm tse