to be known

1196 cliff house06 In the back of my mind I have an idea of the perfect version of me. It's the girl I'm working towards and striving to be. In a lot of ways it's the polar opposite of the high school me.  As I was reading a book, it inspired me to share it.... and also because I love a good list.

So these are some qualities I'm working towards being known for/as - effervescent - a voracious reader - a woman who desires God's heart more than any man's - a good sister/daughter/aunt... and someday wife/mother - loyal - dependable - a supportive and encouraging friend - uncompromising - kind - having an appropriately hilarious humor - full of life - full of love - humble - willing to admit I'm wrong - patient - wise - selfless


(p.s. the pretty nails and pretty dress belong to jensine! <3)