good morning.

1200 norah My sleep schedule is always wackadoodle.  But with this wedding season, I shoot a wedding just about every weekend from the first week of July all the way to the end of September.  A few of those weddings will be second shooting, but for the most part, I'll be the main shooter and bringing my "A-game".  Three weeks in and I've got a bit of a routine going on.  I try my best to stay in the day before the wedding.  I'll conserve my energy, check all my gear and prep for the next day.  When I get home from the wedding, I'm always exhausted.  And usually exhausted and sore for the following two days.  So more than ever I'm appreciating those early mornings.  They're more rare than usual, but when I do wake up early, I'm always happy I did.

(p.s. this picture I took of my niece was me encroaching in her own little morning routine. haha.)