light and paella

1204 duende oakland01I found Duende via Anthology Magazine. It looked so beautiful from the picture, and upon seeing the menu, I decided to give it a try.  The main restaurant isn't open for lunch on the weekdays, but the Bodega is.  Luckily for me I chose friday to eat here, and friday is paella day.  I convinced my lunch date to linger and try the ice cream sandwich from Ici, which she said was good... a chocolate cookie with coffee ice cream.  (But I don't particularly like coffee or ice cream, so you'll have to take her word for it, not mine.)  Evidently the lady at Ici is married to the paella man; a lovely match I think.

Duende Bodega looks like the perfect spot perch myself on an afternoon... sitting at the bar at the window, people watching in between reading.  Like many of the places I love, it's architecturally beautiful.  With the light and friendly staff, the Bodega is a warm and inviting place to spend a lunch break.

I'm beginning to really love this uptown area in Oakland. 1204 duende oakland02 1204 duende oakland03 1204 duende oakland04 1204 duende oakland05 1204 duende oakland06 1204 duende oakland07 1204 duende oakland08 1204 duende oakland09