as of late...

1219 sunrise As of late, I am:

LOVING: TeuxDeux.  It's a wonderful app/website that helps me keep track of all the work I need done. DRINKING: water.  Lots of water.  And the occasional redbull. :) WEARING: a chambray button-up (I love button-ups!) and a pair of loud floral shorts. :) LOOKING FORWARD: to days without crying. WANTING: peace of mind. LISTENING: California Sunset by Poolside via my "Sumtin Summer" playlist. HOPING: to finish ALL my editing by my September Pennsylvania wedding. WRITING: in my secret journal/blog.  I love seeing how its contents and my concerns have matured over the years. FEELING: sad but loved. STRUGGLING: to stay afloat THINKING: of how to balance everything.  Learning how to grieve without falling into a dark place, but still addressing my feelings and the situation ENJOYING: my work and all the sweet, caring friends and clients in my life.  My work has been my refuge.

This list was inspired by Ann-Marie Loves Paper.