my stats.

1222 stars another silly list of things.

1. The number of times I've ridden a camel. (I did it in Dubai!) 2. The number of rings I always wear 3. The number of tooth brushes I use at any given time. 4. The number of times I've dislocated my right shoulder. 5. The number of siblings I have. Yep. count em. 6. The time of day I wish I woke up at. 7. The books I started this year, but have yet to finish 8. My volleyball jersey number in high school 9. The number of external hard drives I own 10. The number of cameras I own 11. The number of roommates I've lived with 12. The books I've finished this year. 13. The approximate number of redbulls I want to drink in a given week. 14. The days until I'm back in New York! 18. The number of times I've visited New York. 19. The number of nieces and nephews I have. 22. One of the digits of my high school locker combination 23. The number of times I've listened to "Missing You" by Dave Barnes 24. The age I got laid off as an architect and started my photography business 25. The year I had a quarter-life crisis 26. The last day I talked to my mom 27. My inseam 29. My age.

* the picture above was taken on my recent trip to Pennsylvania.  I wish I could always see the stars from my where I was.