happy birthday, nori.

In celebration of my niece's birthday, a list. 1129 norah 14

the day my niece was born I photographed four births on the 14ths It takes me about 14 days to get into an amazingly productive flow. I don't really like setting my alarm to 15s or 14s. I like setting it to prime numbers. I probably forget more than 14 things everyday. I have an aversion to the number 14s. Maybe I'm so Chinese I fear the 4. I think of how 14 is 4 days short of the day I was born (18). My friends and I come in threes and twos but rarely fours and never 14s. I'd sleep for 14 hours if I could. It's hard to count to 14 with only ten fingers. I've finally read more than 14 books this year. I'm glad there isn't a 14th grade... I wonder if I could name 14 players who've played on the A's. Maybe I could.... I have more than 14 nieces and nephews. I wish I had 14 white nectarines right now.